Monday, July 1, 2013

the july project

it’s july 1, we’re in our new house, and i have seriously been blog slacking.  so i’m making a commitment to this month, a huge one.  it involves 3 daily steps that are going to be tough, but i need to do.  i’m outlining it here, so i verbally commit myself to it out loud and in public.  i have a very good friend, maria, who has done an annual happiness project since 2012, and i find her inspirational to making small goals for yourself.  when i have a huge to-do list, it’s difficult to take the first step to accomplish much, but with smaller goals, it gets done .  and by making these goals, i hope that by july 31, they will become more routine.
  • green smoothie challenge- i completed the simple green smoothie challenge in april, and found it so worthwhile, i signed up again.  it’s an easy way to fit in more fruits and veggies, and 99% of the recipes are so delicious.  i found the best way for me was to have a green smoothie for breakfast, as it set the tone for the rest of my day, and michael joined in as well.  toward the end of the month, he was asking if i was making smoothies each morning.  we both began to crave them!  you can find more information at
  • daily blog- i have missed this space and sharing my thoughts, and realize that my memories are right now in my head, but they need to be penned for my girls.  i am also seriously lacking in my digital scrapbooking, but i think i’m saving that for august.  so expect some type of daily post, whether it be long with photos or a quick note of what we’re doing, and a back log of what has already happened, including a dance recital, a 2nd birthday (um, about 3 months ago!), a farewell to preschool, and a big move!
  • daily exercise- i have agreed with a friend to a 31 day daily exercise routine, whether it’s a full spin or yoga class, a quick 10 minute jog, a walk with the kids, or a kickbox video at home, i will make a sweat daily. 

i’d love to hear your comments if you make daily or monthly or annual commitments to yourself.  here’s to a happy july!


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