Sunday, July 21, 2013


{just a heads up for all the july project followers...i will be posting for the days i missed last week, but out of order, so be sure to check back and scroll down.  that is all.}

about a month ago, i had the chance to take some family photos for friends.  they suggested a location, a childhood family home, and in my head it sounded perfect.  little did i know that it was my absolute dream location- a big red barn, an antiqued front porch, a large grassy field.  and this place exists a mere 7 miles from where i live.  {swoon}

 photo Gall-23_zps5d743c63.jpg  photo gall1_zpsc8d496ab.jpg  photo Gall-15_zps0c4a4aa8.jpg  photo gall2_zps084ebf5c.jpg

the family was also amazing to photograph.  6-year-old o. took charge and suggested several locations and positions for me to take his picture, as well as his sister and his mom and dad.  i took every ounce of advice, and let me just say that his suggestions were spot on.  i've already asked if i can borrow him for all my shoots.
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k and e... you have a beautiful family.  xo

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