Tuesday, July 30, 2013


here is the final installment of harper's birthday celebration...

harper's birthday gift from mama and daddy this year was a teepee.  i have secretly always wanted one, and harper loves small, cozy corners and snuggling in.  when we moved into our new home, i've found that both kids really enjoy playing on the wooden foyer, the smallest space to play.  i think they're both used to playing on a wood floor in a small locale from our last home.  so i figured what better time to get her a small space to be able to escape, read or play.  i ordered it from etsy, and added on my mini bunting banner from fabric i've had from previously made holiday banners.

 photo five6_zpse861002d.jpg

in addition to the teepee, we added on a dream light, which is a solar powered light that flickers at night similar to fireflies, a new nightgown, and a merida doll from the movie brave.  one of the biggest smiles came from the singing fairy card.  she pointed it out one day at hallmark, telling me she would really like it for her birthday, and so sneaky mama asked her to look at something around the corner and added it to my purchase at the counter.

 photo untitled-146_zps49b5a0b0.jpg  photo untitled-149_zps7f5bccc8.jpg

i attempted a tripod self-timer photo of our family.  maximus' behind, crosby eating her shirt.  nothing perfect, but it's us.

 photo five5_zpsec084a6a.jpg  photo untitled-140_zps604dc37a.jpg

happy birthday, our sweet little 5-year-old harper.

 photo untitled-115_zps57789f16.jpg

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