Thursday, July 11, 2013

sweet nectar

everyone meet my good friend, joe.

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joe and i became super close the day my harper was born, almost 5 years ago.  our coffee pot went from an occasional weekend use to an every stinkin' day use.  in the winter time, joe pairs nicely with a peppermint mocha friend.  in the summer, it's best iced.  i typically drink a cup hot in the morning, and then move to iced in the afternoon, all from a big pot we make in the wee hours.

you might recall that i have an addiction to amaretto creamer.  well, scratch that.  i had.  i kicked that creamer to the curb.  i was tired of the yuckies that i was putting into my body every morning.  oils, preservatives, who knows what else.  as of july 1, and the start of this july project, i transitioned off my beloved additive.  it took a few days for me to find a balance, and after a request on facebook of what others like to add, i finally found what worked for me.  a pinch of coconut palm sugar, a bit of agave nectar and regular half & half for hot, minus the sugar for cold brew.  it is fantastic, it has completely filled the amaretto void, and i am no longer craving that evil pink container.  happy happy.

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and today's check in was a trifecta, for once in several days.  yummy green smoothie this morning with ginger, peaches, spinach, kale and coconut water, a power vinyasa yoga class, and this lil ole blog post on one of my favorite things.

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