Saturday, July 13, 2013

first timer here

so, a quick post for the day.  a month ago, i became certified as a spin instructor.  i have been cycling for about 10 years, on and off, but it wasn't until a little studio opened in our little town that i have become addicted.  i started a month after they opened, in november 2011, and have been going 1-3 times a week since then.  i knew when i started that i wanted to get certified to teach, but it took me a long time to build up the guts to do it.  it was the saturday of moving week, it was an extra $300 after we had just bought a house, but it was on my 2013 resolutions list and i had the support from michael, so i took the plunge.

after becoming certified, i checked back in with the studio's owner and let her know.  she had me plan 3 different class segments, to ease my way into teaching and not be overwhelmed with an entire class the first time around.  i signed up to teach the warm up and first 3 work effort songs for the 8:30 class today.  i was a nervous wreck last night and this morning. i can't remember the last time i had a million butterflies in my stomach and hands shaking so much that i couldn't even write out my cue cards, so i resorted to typing them.  i didn't sleep well and couldn't eat a thing before i left.

but let me tell you, hopping on that bike was my comfort zone.  the words of all the instructors from the past year and a half came echoing back and i told myself that i could do it.  i've got this.  and i did.  and it was awesome.  i was on a high walking out of class this morning, knowing i never again had to teach another "first" class.  that was behind me and it rocked.  and i cannot wait to teach the next one.

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