Tuesday, July 2, 2013

moving right along

it's day 2, and i'm 2 for 2.  i've drank up my green smoothie both days, although today's concoction was not a favorite...lime, avocado, kiwi, kale and coconut water.  (i'm thinking i don't really care for whole citrus in my blends.)  i'm blogging tonight, albeit very late, to get at least something on screen.  and i've gone out in our new neighborhood for the second night tonight.  last night, i took max for a mile long walk, which is way longer than he's done in a long time.  poor guy has been pretty neglected, but he is showing more signs of arthritis in his knees, and tempered walks will really help.  tonight, i took the same path as with max, but i ran it.  and i ran it the fastest i have ever run 1.3 miles.  it felt good.  this neighborhood reminds me of the one i grew up in.  lots of homes on big spaces of land, no sidewalks, but wide paved roads to run and walk on, friendly people out walking dogs, watering lawns, taking out the garbage.  it feels like home to me.

and speaking of, here are a few recent pictures from our move.  this was the box and trailer phase.  boxes filled every nook and cranny of our home, before they were loaded onto the trailer and driven to the new home's garage to be stored until closing day.  the sellers so graciously allowed us to store our belongings here, saving us a whole lot of hassle and time that would have been spent in a storage unit.



more pictures to come.  but, here's to day 2!

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