Wednesday, July 31, 2013


i started off the month with a daily to-do list of some lofty goals.  every day, i was going to write a blog post, do some form of exercise and gulp a green smoothie.  you know what?  i didn't accomplish all 3 completely, but it's ok.  i'm learning not to beat myself up for things that don't get done.  


i did accomplish quite a bit though.  i blogged 21 days.  and although i didn't catch up on everything i wanted to, i will because these things take time and i have learned to love my blog again.  michael and i gulped green smoothies 25 of the 31 days, and i discovered some new favorites.  oddly, sunday was the day i seemed to take off from smoothie making.  i didn't exercise fully everyday, but i played with my kids, i vacuumed or cleaned, i ran or walked around our new neighborhood taking maximus for much needed walks to strengthen his arthritic legs, i took yoga classes, and the biggest thing was that i started teaching my own indoor cycling classes.  i completed certification in june, and taught 3 of my own classes in the month of july.  i am loving it and am so excited that i took the leap and i am looking forward to being a regular on the schedule come fall.  and i also gave up my beloved amaretto creamer cold turkey and haven't looked back, and i feel so much better about not putting that into my body on a daily basis.

so a pretty decent month of good accomplishments.  i'm taking the month of august to really enjoy my family, starting with a 11 day vacation to visit family and the beach.  before i know it, i'll be back to work and harper will be starting kindergarten and life will get very busy again.  i'll look to setting more goals come september.  

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