Saturday, February 6, 2016

project 366 week 5

week 5 and we're into february.  it's amazing how a month goes so slowly and so fast at the same time.  shooting got trickier this week, but i managed to capture a solid week of memories.  big or little, they make up our days, and i'm thankful for these to look back on to see what we actually accomplished in the last month when my pregnancy brain has totally forgotten!  

this past week, we had a second ultrasound to follow up on some findings from our first.  all looks to be well, the baby is right on track and the girls are getting more excited!  we also planned out a summer beach vacation with friends this week, spent lots of time on homework yet again, enjoyed an unseasonable warm-ish spring-like day and took advantage of the sunshine for a few minutes before dance class, had our weekly swim lesson for crosby, and set up mommy and daddy's new king bed.  oh the extra room and our new mattress is amazing!!  we read books in the new bed one night this week and all 4 of us fit comfortably without any overlap!  looking forward to keeping my space when a particular 4-year-old girl just happens to  inevitably crawl in with us in the middle of the night.  

my favorite event of the week was the siblings class we took the girls to in order to help prep for the new baby.  the class showed a very pg-rated version of how a baby is born via a puppet, we got to tour a delivery room, and there was a life-like newborn for the girls to practice unswaddling, undiapering, and holding.  crosby wasn't interested at all, and harper was enamored in learning.  but when it came time to actually hold the baby, well, we have a bit to work on when little one actually arrives.  that memory and photo absolutely has me in stitches.  it was completely unprompted.  

my favorite memory from this week was when harper crawled up on the counter one morning before school, made her hot chocolate and then opened up about something at school that was bothering her. i flash forwarded to a moment many years from now when she's in high school, or college, or in her first job, and doing the same thing.  she grew up for me in that moment.  the way she held her cup like it was coffee, her back against the wall and her legs propped up, talking heart-to-heart with her mama whom she knows will always be there for her, to support her, to guide her and to help her make those tough decisions.  i'm immensely grateful to have captured that moment.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

project 366 week 4

onto week 4 of the project- it hasn't yet become a hassle and is starting to become a habit.  i think the day before or that morning if we have anything exciting or any plans on the day's agenda that i can grab a photo of.  if not, then i try and bring my camera out during regular downtimes.  with school, work and after school activities, it's not always the best light and can sometimes be a quick shot just to make sure we get one, but i try to get a real life moment.  

all shots this week were real life moments with the exception of the jumping shot, as that was practice for my flash class (all done now!).  in the others, the girls may have been aware of my camera being out, but i didn't ask them to pose, meaning those tongues sticking out were they're own idea. 

our week included a snuggly movie night, a mall trip with a favorite treat to end it, a couple home days with some crafting using our kiwi crate because i got the "i'm bored" excuse, a dancer who wanted more snuggles and attention during watch week than she actually wanted to show me her dance, a couple helpful subjects for my final class assignment, a double ear infection, and lots and lots of homework this week.  

Saturday, January 23, 2016

project 366 week 3

onto week 3!  lots more flash practice for my class, some reading and video games, painting harper's new room, a trip to the paint-it-yourself pottery studio on our annual mlk jr. day off from school mommy and girls adventure, jumping, playing and watching mama's belly grow!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

project 366 week 2

more fun this last week.  i haven't hit a rut yet...could also help that i'm currently taking my 6th online photography class, expanding my skills with on camera flash, and so i'm working on new techniques, seeing opportunities all around and not having to make sure a photo gets snapped when the lighting is perfect (which doesn't happen often in a michigan winter) because i can make my own beautiful light.

this past week, we celebrated our nephew's 14th birthday, took a family trip to ikea for some items needed for our elaborate three kid bedroom switch, took down our christmas tree, enjoyed some hot cocoa, played superheroes, and kept up with regular weekly lessons.  enjoy week 2.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

my 366

a friend in california sparked an idea back in november- let's do a 365 project with our big girl cameras in 2016.  we'll hold each other accountable, keeping one another motivated and inspired.  yes, i said!

it's something i've been wanting to do for awhile.  i did 2 years of iphone 365 projects in 2013 and 2014, but have been longing to push and expand my photography skills to another level.  and daily practice i felt would only help that.  plus, this being the year we are adding to our family, i want to document our new arrival, capture those first precious moments, see through my lens my girls become big sisters to a new little one, snap those crazy days when nothing seems to get accomplished except loving our new life.

in addition to my cali friend, we've also started a facebook group to only further motivate, inspire and collaborate.  so far, so good.  i'm enjoying the daily challenge of figuring out what to photograph and having to choose one photo a day.  some days, there may be 2, or 3, but my goal is 1.  and i'm trying to shoot details, or scenes, anything really.  moments when my kids aren't noticing my lens.  real, true, beautiful moments.  here's week 1.