Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3 new things today

july 9.  green smoothie- yes.  exercise- no.  blog- working on it.

gosh, this exercising every day is tough!  that seems to be the one thing i can't stick to.  oh well.

so, 3 new things today.

one, our new kitchen table arrived.  i love it.  loveitloveitloveit.  its counter height, to be extra prep space when the cookies begin a-bakin' come birthday and holiday time, its a perfect space for the girls to do homework (way, way, way down the road), it's a great eating space when they're eating and i'm prepping in the kitchen so i am still right there with them, and it's become a useful work space for me to plan my cycling profiles and blog.
two, harper's pink hunter boots.  she won't take them off.  crosby now has harper's navy blue hand me downs.  i'm a sucker for rain boot and knobby knees.


three, crosby pooped in the potty!  yes, i said that.  i put her on at just the right moment and there it was.  not in her nappy, in the little potty.  she got a whol bunch of hip hip hoorays and smiles and m&m's.  we're not yet potty training, but you've got to start somewhere, right?

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