Monday, March 23, 2015


it happened.  crosby turned 4.  and i say it every time on each of their birthdays, but i just can't fathom that they're growing up, and so fast.  i tell myself each and every day to slow down and enjoy the moments, because they will be gone in a blink, but with the busyness of our days, it's hard to do that sometimes.  so for today, i hold her and snuggle her and love her up really well, because tomorrow, she'll be 4-years-and-1-day and that's 1 day closer to five.  here's a little post about our sweet and salty little.

crosby at 4-years-old...

*still wants to be held all the time
*is smiling and happy 98% of the time
*hates her hair behind her ears or put in a ponytail, but will allow harper to do it every once in a while
*asks for kisses and then rubs them off to be silly
*goes nowhere without poppy
*argues with her sister about sharing, especially when harper wants one of her toys, but will cry if harper won't share
*wants mom or dad to lay with her in bed for a little bit, and when that parent leaves, she wants the other one, and so on and so on and so on
*says blueblerry for blueberry, holder cup for cup holder, and babing suit for bathing suit
*always asks to leave her door all the way open and the bathroom light on for bedtime
*is completely potty trained (since last july), sleeps in a big girl bed and is learning to ride a toddler bike
*says "look out fa low!" (look out below) and plays "I spy little my eye"
*when i start to say my prayer to her at night, she immediately holds up 1 finger, indicating she still wants me to lay with her for 1 more minute after prayer is done
*uses big words, like realize, disgusting, bandages, and traffic jam
*could sit and watch movies and tv shows all day long if you let her
*loves to sit and snuggle
*adores animals, especially little ones and baby ones
*is strong-willed, determined, feisty and oh-so-loving

harper really is a good big sister, and despite the almost constant bickering, deep down they really do love each other.

crosby's edition of the annual birthday questionnaire

how old are you?   4

what makes you happy?  when i have a birthday 

what is your favorite animal?  baby pandas

what is your favorite thing to eat?  gummies 

what is your least favorite thing to eat?  not meat

what is your favorite thing to do?  color, play outside with you mama, watch tv and movies

what is your favorite tv show?  peppa pig & paw patrol

what are you really good at?  running faster

what is your favorite movie?  frozen

what is your favorite color?  silver sparkly

what is your favorite song?  all frozen songs

who is your best friend?  hazel

what do you and your mom do together?  play outside

what do you and your dad do together?  play outside

what is your favorite sport?  football

where is your favorite place to go?  chelsea treehouse & jungle java

what is your favorite book?  peppa's sleepover 

what do you want to be when you grow up?  a teacher

Sunday, March 1, 2015

march is reading month

happy march 1st!  

we love to read books, and i was asked to take a picture of me reading to be put up at school.  thanks to my hubby for this good capture.  harper is actually reading here, and is soaring through reading and writing in school.  i love to listen to her read!