Wednesday, July 10, 2013


it just hit me at 3:18 pm today that my due date with harper was exactly 5 years ago today.  i remember that day vividly.  i was working at the pediatric outpatient center that day, and my nephews were taking a kids yoga class there for fun.  so while they were in class, my sister and i got the chance to walk around the building outside, and i let the tears flow.  it was hot, i was 9+ months pregnant, on my due date when everyone told me i would for certain go early (mm hmm), and i wanted to meet this little girl.  little did we know that she would arrive an entire week later, and by induction no less.

but i digress.  today was a thunderstormy, super humid day, but we had planned a play date with our long-time friends, kellie and anna, for a while so we took our date inside and went bowling.  we had so.  much.  fun.


on our way home, it began to kick up a massive thunderstorm.  i have been sharing with harper recently that thunder and lightening means that God is bowling up in heaven, rolling strikes and spares, as a way not to be so scared.  i remember that story from my mom, and i love having it to pass along to my girls.  she brings it up every time it storms, and today was no different, just her and i chatting on the way home, crosby zonked out 5 minutes after we left the alley.  i am so thankful for these summer months that i have off from my job to bank up summer memories.

we're slowly checking off our summer bucket, in between unpacking boxes and organizing our home.

and hey, did you know that you can register your kiddos at and they can each get 2 free games every day of the summer?!  your coupons come every sunday, and you only have to pay for the shoes.  it was ladies night today at our bowling alley, so for an hour of bowling for the 3 of us with shoes, i paid $10.  such a steal.  get your littles signed up and go out and roll those strikes!

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