Sunday, November 30, 2008

first taste

harper got her first taste of yummy rice cereal! we decided to give it a try, and low and behold, she loved it. it took her a minute to get the taste of the new food, but she was eager for more- stretching her arms and making mmmmm noises. she even helped daddy get the spoon to her mouth. looks like we'll be keeping this up...

the first spoonful...

she likes it!


here daddy, let me help you.

she seemed to like chewing the spoon, until she gagged herself.

ok, you can have the spoon back so i can get another bite.

this isn't the last bite, is it?

mom, do you want some?

that was so yummy! i can't wait for dinner tomorrow night.

weekend photos

here's a view at the rest of thanksgiving weekend...

all smiles in her carseat- a rare occurance

sleeping beauty

her first pony ride

meeting mommy's college friend, vanessa, and her son, lincoln, while they were in town for thanksgiving holiday. harper and lincoln are exactly 6 months apart.

bowling for a good cause at a fundraiser for family friends' of ours

annual tree hunt

mommy's family has an annual tradition of cutting down a christmas tree at a local tree farm the day after thanksgiving. we bundled up harper and headed out to find our tree for daddy to cut. maximus loved running through the trees with the boys, and helped us find the perfect tree to bring home and decorate.

pippi longstocking

how could you pass up these adorable leggings?

happy thanksgiving!

we spent thanksgiving day at nana and papa's. mommy's cousins, katie and david, and katie's husband, kenny, came in from washington d.c. and new hampshire and joined us for dinner along with the rest of the family. it was a relaxing day, filled with lots of food that harper can't yet consume!

katie and kenny practicing with harper

daddy's little girl

king ethan and his drumstick

papa and his granddaughter

4 month checkup

harper went in for her 4 month checkup on wednesday. she continues to grow, though still at a slow pace. she measures almost 26 inches, which is at the 75th percentile, and weighs 11 pounds, 7.5 ounces, still at the 3rd percentile. the doctor gave us the go ahead to try rice cereal! she's growing so fast!

can't keep her eyes off the camera-she's such a ham!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

the windy city

mommy had to be in chicago for a conference from thursday to saturday, so we packed up aunt heather, ethan, griffin and nana and drove to the windy city. it was cold to say the least, so the crew spent most of their time indoors at the pool and in the room. we had a good time, but were ready to come back home!

taking a bath in the sink! have to keep the routine...

peek-a-boo! harper loves to sleep with her taggie.

mommy's friend, rachel, from college stopped by to meet harper

4 months old

harper is 4 months old and changing everyday! we can't believe how fast time is flying by, but we're definitely enjoying all the fun she brings as she grows up.

new toys

why do we spend money on toys when harper prefers the remote control with so many colors and buttons?!

here's harper enjoying her new exersaucer. she's still a little wobbly, but seems to enjoy all the activities and sounds. that is, until overstimulation sets in...

happy birthday maximus!

maximus turned 4 years old on november 13th, and we helped him celebrate with a walk with harper and a cake after she went to bed. yes, we do get him a cake for his birthday. he was our practice "baby" before our harper was born. and with the arrival of the little attention getter, maximus hasn't had nearly as many walks or scratches behind the ear. i'm certain the day will soon come when harper gives maximus lots of attention in the form of tail pulling and climbing.

dj hp

introducing griffin g and harper p- the dj pair. oh, the fun they have mixing the latest tunes.