Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 months old

harper turned 2 months old yesterday, september 17th! we can't believe how time has flown, and how much she's changing everyday. she is sleeping better at night, and has decided that she no longer wants to be swaddled, as it's too constriciting for her arms. she's also constantly moving her legs and arms, and we often find she has rotated to a different position in her crib when she wakes up than when we lay her down. she is smiling, laughing and talking with us, and loves attention.
she had her 2 month check up with her pediatrician, and got her first 2 shots. mommy was crying right along with her! harper now weighs 8 pounds, 15 ounces and is 23 inches long. she's growing, but is only at the 3rd percentile for her weight based on her height. she's long and lean!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

are you ready for some football? (and soccer)

it's that time of year again, daddy's favorite time, football season! he wasted no time last weekend outfitting harper in her msu spartans onesie only to watch them lose. oh well. this past weekend was another chance for victory. and win they did! but before we watched the spartans play, we took in a few games closer to home. our nephews both had games on saturday. ethan's football game was first that morning, and griffin's soccer game was immediately following. we were a family dressed in green to support ethan's colors and of course, the spartans. sunday is also football day in our house, and daddy has been teaching harper the rules of the game, as well as of fantasy football. i'm sure she's picking up on some of it...

ethan in his game day gear

griffin in action

harper getting her fill of sports!

watching football with daddy

taking a break with mommy

i'm ready for my close up

harper is in the best mood right after a restful sleep. she's happy as a lark and all smiles and coos when you give her the attention she desires!

catching up

whew, for some reason, it's been difficult to get blogging lately! so, i'm posting a variety of photos taken of harper in the last two weeks.

helping to fold the piles of laundry that are generated by this tiny little peanut on a daily basis!

sleeping with mommy in mommy and daddy's bed when it's really too early to get up, but she won't go back to bed in her own crib. not a good habit to start...

hanging with daddy

i love bathtime!

three generations with the sailer family crib- an antique that was used for generations on mommy's side of the family. this no longer holds sleeping babies, as it is not up to today's standards, but all the dolls that nana collects.

introducing...harper houdini! how this little one manages to wiggle her way out of her swaddle on a nightly basis is beyond us. this is typically how we find her when we walk into her room- at least one arm and both legs out, but the velcro straps still intact. she just wants to stretch those twiggy limbs!