Saturday, September 13, 2014

last swim

we first enrolled harper in goldfish swim class in august 2011.  the facility was brand new and we knew that swimming was a life-long activity that we wanted her to be strong in.  my brother and sister were both awesome swimmers and on a swim team.  my mom tells me that because i was dragged around to so many swim meets, i decided not to pursue a team, but i still learned to swim.  i even took a swimming course in college for a 1-credit requirement.  i love swimming, and michael grew up with a pool, so we knew we wanted our kids to be safe in the water and enjoy it, too.  never did i imagine that we would meet maggie, harper's swim teacher from day 1, who has become a part of our family.  she now teaches crosby's swim lessons, she babysits, we have dinner with her family.  we just adore maggie.  

so i think i had the hardest time letting go of when it was time for harper to move on from lessons with maggie to goldfish's rec team.  i just didn't want harper's time with maggie to end, but maggie taught her so much, made her so strong and confident in the water and got her as far as she could before she had to move up for the next challenge.  after a week-long jump start clinic in august, it was finally put in writing on her progress report that harper would move on.  but i just kept delaying when her last thursday swim class would be.  september 11th was it.  

harper was a goof-off most of the class, being silly, having fun, making jokes, laughing, knowing this was her last class.

when class was over and it was finally time to say good-bye, i was the one who honestly had to hold back the tears.  harper just kept hugging maggie, and when maggie said she would miss harper, harper just confidently said that she would still see her at goldfish and at our house, of course.

maggie, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our girls in so many ways, and loving them greatly.  we think you are one special person, and are thankful that you are in our life.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


september means summer's end and back-to-school.  and me crying and whining inevitably.  i really didn't want summer to end this year.  maybe it was because this was the first full summer in our house  without any boxes to unpack.  maybe it was the mild temperatures that didn't really signal a true, hot summer.  maybe it was the fun that the girls and i had, and i wanted to keep it going.  whatever it was, back-to-school snuck up on me and i just wanted to run away.  i wasn't ready for these first day of school pictures again.  

these two are just gaining height so quickly.  6 and 3-and-a-half years and that time has passed so quickly.  they are learning and growing and changing and displaying some beautifully awesome personalities.  

and sometimes, they love each other.  although crosby is all about hugs and kisses, and harper is all "ick" about them.

the bus riding this year was much easier.  harper was more confident, knowing what to expect, knowing she had friends with her.  no tears, no hesitation.

so here's to a new school year.  as much as i don't want it to start, inevitably, we have to keep moving forward.  looking forward to june already. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

the petrous project august

our first 10k.  blueberry picking.  a new toddler bike for crosby.  learning to tie shoes.  a backyard campout.  fun with friends.  haircuts.  a visit to the zoo.  a trial for rec team swim.  a weekend on mackinaw island.  enjoying the last bits of summer vacation.