Wednesday, July 31, 2013


i started off the month with a daily to-do list of some lofty goals.  every day, i was going to write a blog post, do some form of exercise and gulp a green smoothie.  you know what?  i didn't accomplish all 3 completely, but it's ok.  i'm learning not to beat myself up for things that don't get done.  


i did accomplish quite a bit though.  i blogged 21 days.  and although i didn't catch up on everything i wanted to, i will because these things take time and i have learned to love my blog again.  michael and i gulped green smoothies 25 of the 31 days, and i discovered some new favorites.  oddly, sunday was the day i seemed to take off from smoothie making.  i didn't exercise fully everyday, but i played with my kids, i vacuumed or cleaned, i ran or walked around our new neighborhood taking maximus for much needed walks to strengthen his arthritic legs, i took yoga classes, and the biggest thing was that i started teaching my own indoor cycling classes.  i completed certification in june, and taught 3 of my own classes in the month of july.  i am loving it and am so excited that i took the leap and i am looking forward to being a regular on the schedule come fall.  and i also gave up my beloved amaretto creamer cold turkey and haven't looked back, and i feel so much better about not putting that into my body on a daily basis.

so a pretty decent month of good accomplishments.  i'm taking the month of august to really enjoy my family, starting with a 11 day vacation to visit family and the beach.  before i know it, i'll be back to work and harper will be starting kindergarten and life will get very busy again.  i'll look to setting more goals come september.  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


here is the final installment of harper's birthday celebration...

harper's birthday gift from mama and daddy this year was a teepee.  i have secretly always wanted one, and harper loves small, cozy corners and snuggling in.  when we moved into our new home, i've found that both kids really enjoy playing on the wooden foyer, the smallest space to play.  i think they're both used to playing on a wood floor in a small locale from our last home.  so i figured what better time to get her a small space to be able to escape, read or play.  i ordered it from etsy, and added on my mini bunting banner from fabric i've had from previously made holiday banners.

 photo five6_zpse861002d.jpg

in addition to the teepee, we added on a dream light, which is a solar powered light that flickers at night similar to fireflies, a new nightgown, and a merida doll from the movie brave.  one of the biggest smiles came from the singing fairy card.  she pointed it out one day at hallmark, telling me she would really like it for her birthday, and so sneaky mama asked her to look at something around the corner and added it to my purchase at the counter.

 photo untitled-146_zps49b5a0b0.jpg  photo untitled-149_zps7f5bccc8.jpg

i attempted a tripod self-timer photo of our family.  maximus' behind, crosby eating her shirt.  nothing perfect, but it's us.

 photo five5_zpsec084a6a.jpg  photo untitled-140_zps604dc37a.jpg

happy birthday, our sweet little 5-year-old harper.

 photo untitled-115_zps57789f16.jpg

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

beach baby birthday

my beautiful baby loves the water.  so what better way to spend her birthday than at the beach?  sun, sand and a clear lake where i spent my childhood.  snack bar for lunch and ice cream.  family to share it with.  it was an awesome day.

 photo untitled-62_zpsa7582f4f.jpg  photo five1_zps98ff20a3.jpg  photo untitled-54_zps22e05008.jpg  photo untitled-96_zps1bef5a2f.jpg  photo untitled-57_zps52162644.jpg  photo untitled-111_zps5ddb7f30.jpg  photo untitled-49_zps75d0dee3.jpg  photo untitled-109_zps9978b2cf.jpg  photo five4_zps486fff18.jpg  photo untitled-101_zps55daddb8.jpg  photo untitled-76_zps35d9988b.jpg

Monday, July 22, 2013


she's five.

 photo untitled-118_zps6b8692ea.jpg

i just can't believe it, but she has been counting down the days in eager anticipation of this big event.

 photo untitled-44_zps71678dea.jpg

five means a whole lot.  it means no more preschool.  it means big yellow school busses and kindergarten and reading and homework and independence.  it means that an entire half of a decade ago, i first met the tiny little bundle of joy that made me a mama and brought me so much more than i ever expected.

 photo five2_zps4d5e609f.jpg

her birthday was special.  we celebrated with chocolate chip pancakes (her request) and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles (my surprise).  and we headed off to the beach, our 3rd annual tradition.  more pics from the sand to come.

 photo five3_zpsd7b03662.jpg

harper at age 5...
-she often asks if anyone is coming over or we're going anywhere, so she can go sans underoos
-she loves to wear dresses, a few of them are her favorites and she rotates between them
-she still stomps her feet and scowls when she's mad
-her favorite foods are edamame, nutella, pb&j, mac and cheese, pizza (no pepperoni anymore) and spaghetti.  she is getting much better about trying new foods
-to get our attention, she says "there are 2 (3, 4) things i have to say"
-she is so easily distracted, always has a million things on her mind, and wants to do something that pops in her head right. this. minute., much like her mama
-she loves stories before bed, and her favorites are junie b. jones and berenstain bears
-she still has her soft taggie.
-she is a fantastic swimmer, and loves to swim, play tennis, and dance.  she wants to only take ballet this fall.
-she loves to choreograph moves to her made up songs
-she still has a killer memory for the little things

and my second annual installment of the birthday questionnaire...

How old are you?  5
What makes you happy?  that mommy and me play together
What is your favorite animal?  a butterfly and a unicorn
What is your favorite thing to eat?  pizza
What is your least favorite thing to eat?  rotten eggs
What is your favorite thing to do?  play with lolly (her american girl doll)
What is your favorite TV show?  doc mcstuffins, peppa pig, charlie & lola, max & ruby
What are you really good at?  being careful with my little sister
What is your favorite movie?  despicable me 2
What is your favorite color?  the rainbow
What is your favorite song?  max & ruby theme song (she sang it for me), justin bieber
Who is your best friend?  lilianne and harrison
What do you and your mom do together?  i help you cook
What do you and your dad do together?  we both watch daddy's shows
What is your favorite sport?  tennis
Where is your favorite place to go?  the mall cause it's so big and i love the mall
What is your favorite book?  junie b jones
What do you want to be when you grow up? a doctor


you are love and light and sunshine.  you challenge us and make us think.  we are so thankful and blessed that you are ours, and couldn't imagine life without you in it.  happy 5th birthday our little bean.  

love, mommy

Sunday, July 21, 2013


{just a heads up for all the july project followers...i will be posting for the days i missed last week, but out of order, so be sure to check back and scroll down.  that is all.}

about a month ago, i had the chance to take some family photos for friends.  they suggested a location, a childhood family home, and in my head it sounded perfect.  little did i know that it was my absolute dream location- a big red barn, an antiqued front porch, a large grassy field.  and this place exists a mere 7 miles from where i live.  {swoon}

 photo Gall-23_zps5d743c63.jpg  photo gall1_zpsc8d496ab.jpg  photo Gall-15_zps0c4a4aa8.jpg  photo gall2_zps084ebf5c.jpg

the family was also amazing to photograph.  6-year-old o. took charge and suggested several locations and positions for me to take his picture, as well as his sister and his mom and dad.  i took every ounce of advice, and let me just say that his suggestions were spot on.  i've already asked if i can borrow him for all my shoots.
 photo gall6_zpsae2a6080.jpg  photo Gall-50_zps2aaf7cb4.jpg  photo gall4_zps20e8c266.jpg  photo gall5_zpsa608a9ad.jpg  photo gall3_zpsa776cb1d.jpg  photo Gall-62_zps5a20771e.jpg  photo gall7_zpse0efff81.jpg  photo Gall-4_zps2dea0a3f.jpg

k and e... you have a beautiful family.  xo

 photo Gall-46_zps480fc8ca.jpg

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

guest blogger

i was asked to write a guest post on family traditions over at my friend, maria's, blog today.  go check out one of my favorite traditions that started with our little harper 5 years ago.  here's a hint.

and more to come from today, our baby girl's 5th birthday.  my how time flies.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a delayed 2.

crosby is 2.  and she has been for almost 4 months.  and i've been so delayed in posting her birthday pictures and updates, it's just sad.  is this typical for the second child?  i hope not.  but before i can post about harper turning 5 tomorrow, i have to post about crosby turning 2.

so here is our sweet 2-year-old golo (that's how she says girl, like rolo, but with a g.)

 photo untitled-75_zpsaec9096d.jpg

we started off her actual day with pancakes, candles and singing, followed by her presents, including a ride on  ladybug.

 photo untitled-5_zpscedb2aea.jpg  photo untitled-10_zps22496b1a.jpg  photo untitled-25_zpseb787885.jpg

the week prior, we had a little birthday party for her with some friends and family.  an ice cream party, with neapolitan decorations, cupcakes in cones, and an ice cream sundae bar.

 photo untitled-41_zpsa8a10fe9.jpg  photo untitled-46_zps3d9ff0f2.jpg  photo untitled-54_zps7291e307.jpg  photo untitled-55_zpsece99ac0.jpg  photo untitled-61_zpsbb3b4af0.jpg

she loved the singing.  the smile on her face brightened the entire room.  once the happy birthday started, she was so absolutely elated.

 photo untitled-70_zps95ed73de.jpg  photo untitled-78_zps57f9106b.jpg  photo untitled-80_zps975900a0.jpg  photo untitled-105_zps3950a2b9.jpg  photo untitled-113_zpsb15381b3.jpg  photo untitled-114_zpsbc187bdb.jpg

and again, at home later on for the family party.

 photo untitled-116_zpsd9f846e3.jpg  photo untitled-119_zps7359423b.jpg

at 2 years old...
*this girl is most of the time pure happiness and love, with some tantrums thrown in for good measure
*she does not often play by herself for long, as she prefers to be around people
*when she's with people, she wants to be held
*she craves attention and wants you to watch her all the time
*she is addicted to her poppy, her owl blanket that rarely, and i mean rarely, leaves her hands. she sucks her thumb while holding poppy, and carries her around as if she was an extension of her body.  *she loves to do whatever harper is doing or playing with, which often annoys big sister
*she prefers building and taking things apart to any other activity
*she loves to be read to, and her favorite stories are goodnight moon, go dog go and good dog, marley *she is a fairly good sleeper, and still naps once a day and sleeps in her crib
*she has not yet shown any interest in the potty
*she is a good eater, but her favorite foods are ham and crunchy, salty things like her daddy (she used to call veggie sticks "beeahs")
*her favorite show is the backyardigans which she calls "your backyard friends"
*she loves school, and plays well with lots of her friends
*she can have a full conversation and puts 6 to 7 word sentences together, often times self-correcting her words if she knows it doesn't sound correct (my dream child as an slp)
*she loves to play with her baby dolls, putting them to sleep, feeding them and carrying them around in her carrier or stroller
*she has a strong opinion about everything, and will often answer "sure" to things she agrees with  *she's a guaranteed car buddy, as she loves to be away from the house, running errands with anyone whose going out
*she brushes her teeth with her "boofrush" and "poopase"
*her hair is super fine and so blonde, it's almost white, and she does not like it in her face
*her favorite color is orange, just like daddy

 photo untitled-120_zpse2f2af07.jpg

i am certain that i am missing so many more things about this little love.  but most importantly, she brings absolute joy and sunshine into our lives every day.  we are so blessed and thankful for her.

 photo untitled-126_zpsef5f9a81.jpg

happiest of birthdays, our little crosberry crunch. 

 photo untitled-7_zps417b28fb.jpg