Friday, August 23, 2013

tiny dancer.

oh, this post is way overdue.  like, overdue in the fact that harper started her first official dance class, a mix of ballet and jazz, about 50 weeks ago.  yeah, you read that right, last september.  i've had it in my mind to write a post of 2 or 3 about her dancing since then, but just never got around to it.  so because i had too many photos to choose from, i compiled a montage into a video.  from the beginnings of class to the costumed video week in studio to the rehearsal to the final performance.  enjoy.

and to note...there wasn't always happy excitement to go to dancing.  there were a few nights of tears and having to leave class early because "i just can't stop my cries."  there was a countdown for the last 5 weeks to how many more dance classes she had til recital (so that she could be done.)  and there were nerves for in-studio rehearsal performing in front of another class, which made me think she wasn't going to go through with performing on stage.  but come rehearsal night with full costume and make-up, she pushed through those 10 seconds of initial nerves and she danced her little heart out.  i watched from stage left during the afternoon performance, in charge of the 10 adorable little girls decked out in their perfect buns, rosy cheeks and stained lips.  i armed myself for the 2 hours of sit time back stage with sofia the first videos on the ipad and coloring books, and watched as they so patiently waited their turns to take stage.  and they all were amazing, receiving nothing but awws and smiles and giggles from everyone who was watching.  it was pretty stinkin' adorable.

and because she loved recital so much, she made the decision to dance again this year, but only ballet, because her jazz shoes are just "too big and black" for her taste.  she much prefers the tiny pink ballet shoes.  promise that this year, dance posts will be more regular and timely.

Harper dance 2012-2013 from Emily Petrous on Vimeo.