Friday, August 16, 2013

the end of preschool

on tuesday, i took harper to her new school for a kindergarten screening.  just a chance to meet with a teacher and show her stuff.  she was asked about the alphabet, sounds, counting, numbers and shapes.  and she rocked it.  knew all of her upper and lower case letters, all of her sounds, all her shapes, counted to 100, completed 1-to-1 counting, and was an overall awesome participant.  she made me pretty proud.  she knew she did a job well done, too, and was proud of and confident in herself that this would be her school in just a few weeks.  i'm already pretty emotional about it.  don't want to think about her growing up, riding a bus, donning a backpack and eating in a cafeteria until i absolutely have to.

so to push those thoughts aside til later, here are photos from harper's last day of preschool...june 14, 2013.

 photo untitled-2_zpsbbd681e1.jpg  photo preschool1_zpsc0756932.jpg  photo untitled-14_zps0c6748ef.jpg

 photo untitled-15_zps967e6623.jpg
in front of her new school on information night last june...

what a difference from first day september 2012 to last day june 2013...

her cubby on one of her first day's in preschool, and her last...

her awesome preschool teachers, ms. rosie and ms. emily, who loved her, guided her and helped her grow into a pretty amazing learner.

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