Monday, August 19, 2013

moving on

i don't have a ton of pictures to share, but i do have a few.  the weekend of june 15th, and the weeks leading up to it, were emotional.  we packed up our home, the only home we ever knew.  the home we closed on 11 days before our wedding.  the home we brought our two babies to.  the home that comforted us through so many ups and downs...sewer backup and basement flooding, renovated kitchen, two miscarriages, family deaths, marriages and babies of our family and friends, patio updates, re-stained hardwood floors, countless smiles and laughter and tears.  this home saw us grow from a married couple to a family of four + dog.  we put heart and soul into this home, and while we learned in the end that we just needed more space, my heart will forever ache for what this home meant to me, to us.

 photo moving1_zpsd6bc9712.jpg

the drawers lay empty.  the carpets rolled up.  the closets purged.  the cupboards bare.

 photo untitled-17_zps6b7a2c1c.jpg  photo moving4_zps124c8b50.jpg  photo untitled-20_zpse3c56889.jpg  photo moving2_zps25ca49d4.jpg  photo untitled-22_zps744a20ed.jpg  photo untitled-23_zps3fab02d6.jpg  photo moving3_zps90ef3eca.jpg  photo untitled-52_zpsb5ba5d86.jpg

as we walked through the house one final time, and said goodbye to the memories we made there, my throat closed in and my eyes welled up.  i knew it was a good thing, and that we would love our new home, but it didn't make it any easier to leave.  it still isn't, even as i sit and write this post and look back on these photos two months later.

 photo untitled-42_zps6d6e9c0d.jpg

we may have left our house behind, but we took our home with us.  and we moved into a new space, with room to spread our wings and grow.  goodbye little house.  thank you for serving our little family well.  you done good.

 photo untitled-60_zps91d00dbe.jpg

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

I don't cry often, but my eyes are welling & my throat is tight as I finish reading this post. Change is hard, life is hard, but growth is good and soon you'll have wonderful memories in your new house. :) Happy for you guys, and happy that you take as many photos as you do, because your first little house won't be forgotten, even by two very special littles.