Thursday, August 15, 2013

the crosby & harper projects - january 2013

with über helpful instructions from my friend, kim, in chicago, i am redoing my instagram project collaboratives.  a little and i attended the same parochial grade and high school, and college. i recall going to her house many times in grade school, but as we got older and lives got busier and we were into different sports, i didn't see her as much.  15 {cough, cough} years later, enter instagram into my life.  kim and i were facebook friends, but i found her on ig late last year, and started following her.  i loved her style and her kids are adorable, and as we began chatting through comments and seeing each other's kids and interests, we realized we are very much into the same things.  we're both working mama who have delved into photography, we love crafting, we have 2 kids each, we are both currently doing instragram daily projects of our kiddos, etc. etc. etc.  kim has exposed me to pick your plum, from which i've purchased bakers twine and paper straws for next to nothing.  she has also graciously shared her editing and template secrets in lightroom and photoshop.  i've perused her blog many a time, and i love her monthly instagram template, and she was kind enough to share.  so, i am backtracking a little bit in the hopes that pulling this together in order to print a book when this year is done for each of my girls will be easier, and just doing the month of january last night was super-duper, no-way-did-that-only-take-10-minutes-vs-my-previous-90-minutes easy peasey lemon squeezey.  

so, i'm taking ya'll waaaaay back to january.  updated months coming shortly, along with photos from our recent beach vacation, at which we had the most amazing time.  

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