Sunday, August 18, 2013

for the love of maximus

did you know that when a dog sees its owner its brain secretes the same substances as ours when we are in love?

 photo untitled-25_zps36db8842.jpg

my kids love this big-hearted fella, especially crosby.  always wants to know of his whereabouts, always wants to feed him and give him treats, typically sneaking him food from her plate under the table, always uses his soft, furry body for a relaxation station and pillow.

 photo untitled-12_zps72c22ff2.jpg  photo untitled-26_zps3eb1d017.jpg  photo untitled-5_zps5a7f9742.jpg  photo untitled-9_zps885fa7bf.jpg

maximus is so well-loved.  he is truly an amazing pup.  he's coming up on 9 years of age this november, and i can't even bear to think of the day, nope, not gonna do it.

 photo untitled-14_zpsd2a7d532.jpg  photo untitled-28_zpsc834d37c.jpg

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