Thursday, August 15, 2013

swimming buddies.

they say for safety reasons, you should always swim with a friend.  well, i'd say harper has hers.  little did we know when we started at goldfish almost 2 years ago, that harper would find a friend who made her look even more forward to weekly swim class than she already was.

harper and k. have been in the same class with ms. maggie since last summer, and while the girls were learning, the mamas were chatting and and keeping an eye on the younger siblings.  in april of this year, the younger sisters were also enrolled in the same swim class.  each week as we'd arrive, harper and crosby would talk about their friends and hope that they would see the girls.  harper and k would run around and play hide-and-seek while the younger girls were in class, and then they would walk together to class when it was their time.  they became two peas in a pod.  they encouraged each other.  they giggled while sitting on the ledge, waiting for their turn.  they had nicknames for each other, k insisting on calling harper "harbor."  it was a blossoming friendship, and it was adorable to watch.

   photo untitled-34_zps07253ff4.jpg

we were so incredibly bummed when in july, k and her family moved 2 hours west for her dad's new job.  the day after they moved, harper told me she didn't want to go to swimming anymore, because she was worried about who would be taking k's place in her class.  she told me not more than 12 hours after seeing k for the last time that "i really kind of miss her."

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i certainly hope that we can get these 2 girls together again.  young friendships are definitely worth holding on to.

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