Saturday, August 10, 2013


we took our third annual trip to the blueberry patch at the end of july.  it was hot, the berries were just beginning to ripen, the girls were initially excited and then ready to leave.  all pretty typical.  but we managed to pick 7 pounds in under 2 hours, all with nana's help.  i love our annual tradition, and i love that i can pull fresh berries from the freezer all winter long.

 photo untitled-23_zps8f3ced2d.jpg  photo untitled-27_zpsc787d52c.jpg  photo untitled-22_zps1a46c88e.jpg  photo untitled-7_zpsa817edab.jpg  photo untitled-20_zps4c6eef1b.jpg

we didn't bring a stroller this time, as this was the first year crosby has been able to walk on her own, so we pulled the wagon along.  it gave the girls a good resting spot.

 photo untitled-19_zps21c1773c.jpg  photo untitled-16_zps802dfecb.jpg

harper was an excellent picker this year, managing to find some pretty big berries and keeping us entertained while we picked.

 photo untitled-11_zps38f38908.jpg  photo untitled-10_zpsc325d33d.jpg  photo untitled-4_zps05511db3.jpg

this is one of my favorite summer traditions.  i remember in my younger years picking strawberries with my mom and grandma; i hope that i am filling up my girls' summer memory bucket with the good stuff.

 photo blueberries1_zps7dbc6d52.jpg

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Kellie said...

Missed berry-picking with you guys this year! Maybe next year. Love the photos.