Thursday, August 29, 2013

can't say enough about swim...and an open house

if you've been settled here for a while, you know how oh-so-happy i am with our swim school.  goldfish and our swim teacher, maggie, have been so good for us the last 2 solid years.  tonight, we saw how truly speedy harper is, as she zoomed across the pool 6 times in a circle swim with her fast-kicking feet.  and we witnessed crosby swim from the ledge to the underwater table mostly on her own with only some guidance.  it was a pretty awesome day of swim class.

there is so much i love about goldfish, but i mostly love that my girls love it.  nary do i hear a complaint or a grunt when they realize it's swim day and they get to see maggie.  these teachers are all so enthusiastic and supportive, and i can't talk enough about it.

and a heads up...if you're interested in swimming at goldfish, consider joining them for the back-to-school bash on saturday, september 14th from 2:30-6:30 pm.  this is a completely free event open to everyone, complete with face painting, a bouncy house, family swimming, food, beverages and prizes!
even if you're already a goldfish swimmer, join in on the fun!  and if you bring a new friend and they enroll, you get a referral reward!  how awesome is that!?

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