Friday, February 14, 2014

my loves ♥

valentine's day has got to be my favorite holiday.  all about love and lots and lots of pink.  we found some photo booth props, and set up shop for a few snaps.  if only you could witness the occasional tears crosby had because she was tired, the {ahem} coercing by mama to just get one more photo or position, the scramble to get it done in time before all the afternoon lighting disappeared.  still, i caught smiles.  and hopefully, only i will remember the behind-the-scenes dramas.

here is our heart day in photos...

the hearts we posted on the girls' doors tell them things we love about them.  to you, my girls...

*you are fun!
*you have a winning smile
*you are a great reader
*you are brave
*you are a rockstar swimmer
*you make us proud
*we love your stories- you tell great ones
*you have a beautiful heart
*you are a great dancer
*you are strong
*you are a whiz at spelling
*we love you

*you make us laugh and smile
*you are an awesome swimmer!
*you are fun
*you are brave
*you make great music
*you have fast, strong legs
*you have a radiant smile
*you have a beautiful heart
*we love you

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