Wednesday, February 26, 2014

labor of love

before 2014 got too far away from me, i took the time to turn the harper and crosby 365 project from last year into a photo book.  i have pages of each month for each girl.  i went back through all my posts and wrote down my favorite quotes, favorite memories, any milestones that were reached.  i wrote a page all about each girl- all that they did and said and wore.  i picked out my top ten photos for each of them.  it was several nights and mornings of pulling it all together.  but so worth it. 

i.  am.  in.  love. with this book.

i gave it to the girls for valentines day and we spent a bit of time looking through it and recalling so many memories.  i see this as something i will be looking at quite frequently.

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Kellie said...

I want to see this in person! Bring it to book club, please:) Looks so amazing.