Tuesday, February 4, 2014

{low-iodine diet} day 1

in preparation for this diet, i spent my sunday morning at trader joe's.  i brought along a cohort, who knew just how to fill a cart and keep this task enjoyable.  noshing on an orange pepper, adding items to her cart she thought we might need, and keeping a smile on my face.  

we spent an hour-and-a-half there, and 300 bucks.  but we loaded up on unsalted peanut butters, tons of nuts and seeds, dried berries, fresh fruit and veggies.   

monday was day 1.  i ate buckwheat topped with raw almonds and dried fruit mix; a smoothie made with water, oj, spinach, red pears & frozen blubes; homemade granola with syrup drizzle and bananas; fresh strawberries & raspberries with raw cashews; coconut oil popcorn; dried mango slices; and crock pot pot roast with veggies and potatoes for dinner.  i went to bed at 7 pm, utterly exhausted, and with a killer headache, which i blame highly on caffeine withdrawal.  i was obviously consuming way too much coffee.  

overall, i felt like everything i ate, minus dinner, was sweet.  i tried to avoid salt and iodine so much that i overindulged on the sweet side.  and this morning, i just don't feel like i can eat like that again.  it's not that the food is bad at all.  it's tasty, it's very healthy, but in abundance and with this headache, i am not feeling motivated to eat anything really.  but this is a mini hurdle, and just as with any other diet, the first few days are the most difficult and then it gets easier.  today i've packed up popcorn and  apples and carrots with unsalted peanut butter for snacks, and leftover pot roast for lunch.  i also made some orange muffins last night that are tasty, and were my breakfast today along with my other half of the smoothie from yesterday morning.

here's to day 2.

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