Sunday, February 19, 2012


paspegali {pa-speg-a-lee}: est. ~2009: harper's term for a dish usually served for dinner consisting of long, stringy noodles and red sauce, occasionally with ground meat.

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{photo by harper}

served to crosby for the first time early february.

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verdict...a huge enthusiastic thumbs up.  wouldn't you say?

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and also a huge mess.  it is what it is.  that's life.

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i love her smile.  and the fact that she eats.  it always seemed to be a struggle with harper, except if it included chocolate or sugar- she has my eating habits and sweet tooth for certain.  but crosby devours vegetables and meat like it's her job.


and makes the sour faces at yogurt and fruit.  funny how different their tastes are.


happy eating!



Kellie said...

What gorgeous photos! Love the spaghetti EVERYWHERE!

Jacque said...

Love these pics, Crosby is so stinking cute! Glad she'll eat hotdogs at our bbq's!!! Hehe! Miss u guys.