Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy heart ♥

what a difference a year makes.

valentine's day 2011.  little one was still growing and we didn't know if she was a he or a she.


and this little bean was not yet 3, and was still so tiny to me.  she has amazed me with her growth (academically, expressively, and literally getting taller) over the last year.


and now we're here at valentine's day 2012 and have two little girls to share all this pink and red and love with.  and my heart couldn't be any fuller, or any happier.

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still loving the heart day and everything about it.  this year, it involved...

the love banner that was made last year and came back out this.

that my husband and i have so much history wrapped up in valentine's day that we celebrate it more as our day, than a day with the rest of the world.  he surprised harper tonight with a card and some of her favorite candy, and me with some of my favorite candy along with some homemade coupons for passing off a household chore to him, an extra hour of sleep, my choice movie night, a half-hour massage, and a two-hour get away to a local coffee shop to read or blog, take a walk or just relax.  i couldn't have asked for a better gift, or a better man to share my life with.
{photos from our recent mardi gras party night out...}


the handmade valentines that were passed out to harper's preschool friends.

the eggs in a heart shaped basket and heart strawberries that i made for michael and the girls for breakfast.  yes, i woke up at 5 to do this, along with making a heart-themed lunch for harper, and yes, i now am very tired.  call it working mama guilt or just the desire to make holidays extra special for my girls so that they will always remember how much i truly love them.  (i also secretly find great fun in planning and executing themed events.)

the pinterest-inspired idea to create a heart attack on the bedroom door.  michael and i wrote out many reasons we love h & c, and pasted them to their door.  i loved harper's reaction to them this morning.


these two little loves of my life.

pink love potion served along side our steak stirfry dinner and heart-shaped fruity pebbles mallow treats.  another pinterest find- raspberry sherbet, sprite and pink lemonade concentrate (or apple raspberry juice concentrate in our case).  delish.

we ended our day with mommy's final gift for the girls- a glow bath (pinterest yet again- crack glow sticks and throw them into the bath in a darkened bathroom.  super cool.) and some new philosophy strawberry milkshake body wash.  harper came out of the tub smelling like the strawberry shortcake doll i grew up playing with.  a few songs, including sinatra's my funny valentine, for a quick dance party, and off to slumberland.

may your hearts always be happy.  may you always have love in your life.  and may you find little celebrations every. single. day.


happy love day.  the end. ♥

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