Saturday, March 10, 2012


michael turned, ahem, somewhere-in-the-early-to-mid-thirties at the end of february.  so to celebrate, i took him out for a night on the town (we were home by 10:30, crazy couple we are).  below, in instagram style, are photos from the evening for several things michael enjoys.

beer, of course.

a coffee warm-up downtown.

some old school arcade games while we waited for our lane.

and finally, a bowling match.

michael had class (and a mid-term-the nerve of that professor!) on his actual birthday, so we had dinner and cupcakes the night before.

harper and i created a wordle for michael's gift.  she told me some things she loves about daddy, and the words that come to mind when she thinks of him.  and wordle creates a piece of printable art.  here are the results...

in case you're wondering, daddy takes her to jungle java, studies at the coffee shop and library, builds her a swingset, takes her to hockey games, uses tools, rides bikes, thinks she's an amazing girl, is crazy and fun and silly and the best, and she loveloveloves him very much.

happy birthday daddy!  may you always be young at heart.  

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Christina said...

ok first of all the cupcake liners made me laugh b.c. my girls do the same thing (usually when I am trying to buy a few minutes to do something on my own so I pretend to turn a blind eye and they think they're getting away w/ something sooo naughty :) Secondly, oooh the golden light. Love the one of C on the driveway w/ the car in the back. I was out shooting the same night I think! xx