Saturday, June 11, 2011


a year ago, my friend kellie and i took a leap of faith and started a book club. it was basically her idea, but i agreed that it was a great one, and so we decided to set out looking for a few good women to join. it's hard to believe that our first year has flown by already. we met for our 12th meeting and book discussion on june 1st.

it seems so cliche to say that this is an amazing group of women, but...this is an amazing group of women. we've accomplished much more than reading over 5300 pages. we've learned about each other and ourselves. from that first meeting, when i arrived with tears streaming down my face from a family tragedy to talk about a book with 2 girls i knew and meet 3 others for the first time, i've learned much about parenting advice, histories of friendships and loves and families, favorites and guilty pleasures and just how alike and different we are. we've laughed, cried and shared lots of yummy food. we've built upon the chapters of our lives.

over the past year, our reads have included a woman who could taste feelings in food, behind the scenes stories from the hired help in southern mississippi, a ghost story involving mirror twins, a little girl who befriends an unexpected in world war II germany, a perfect-from-the-outside family with many secrets and betrayals, a boy and his mother who were kidnapped and held captive, and 12 girls with a 40 year friendship.

in the past year, we've added 1 new member, 3 little ones and a new house. this year, we will be adding 3 more teeny tiny's and another new humble abode. and we will no doubt be changed by the words we read on the pages and the opinions and thoughts we share between us on that one night a month.



angela said...


I just got a library notice today that Room is ready for me to pick up, and I'm excited to read it.

Kellie said...

I LOVE this. Great photo. Did you use elements again? I never did get those books to you since I missed that book club. Sorry:(