Thursday, October 16, 2014


last year on my birthday, i took this selfie and wrote these words...

34.  no regrets.  only happy.  just love.  it's going to be awesome.

as i sit here and think, it amazes me what has happened in this last year.  i wrote that it was going to be awesome.  and there definitely were some awesome moments, but then there definitely were some not-so-awesome ones, too.  quite a few actually.  cancer struck my family twice, which in itself is enough for the not-so-awesome moments.  i won't relive any more. 

i wrote that there would be no regrets, things would only be happy, there would be just love.  i started out my birthday with positive intentions for my next trip around the sun, which was a good way to set the year, i think.  but no one can guarantee that life won't have some regrets, some sadness, some hate.  no one can promise that every day will be happy and good.  but one can make sure that you find the happy and good in some measly part of the sucky days.  i've made that my mission.  to find the good and beautiful and something to be thankful for in each and every day.  to have no regrets for living the life we're given.  to fill all our days with love of some kind.  some days it's a struggle, and there are days that go by and i forget amongst the craziness of life with 2 young kids.  but overall, i think we're doing pretty well.

what i've learned over this past year is that i am so grateful for where i am.  for what i've learned.  for who i've become.  and that i've been gifted another birthday to celebrate and be thankful.

here's to 35.  no regrets.  only happy.  just love.

and it's going to be awesome.

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