Sunday, October 26, 2014

caught red-handed

we joined friends on friday night for a first birthday family costume party.  super fun.  because harper hasn't been into dressing up for halloween much the past couple years, it took us a good long car ride to solidify a family costume.  sofia the first's family was out for sure (no princesses for harper).  despicable me...nah.  superheroes.  milk and cookies.  a rainbow.  peppa pig and family.  we covered it all and finally got it with robbers.  not cops and robbers.  nope, we were all gonna be bad.

super easy.  so fun.  kids loved their loot bags (free drawstring bags from each toms shoes purchase, turned inside out- thank you toms.)  i made the masks with felt and nana sewed the ribbon on (nope, i can't sew.)  purchased some black and white striped tops for the girls, beanie hats for all of us and found black pants and dark shoes in our closets.  watch out.  we're comin' for ya.

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