Saturday, October 4, 2014

apples & pumpkins & donuts, oh my!

today, we ventured out to do one of my most favorite fall picking.  we visit a local apple orchard minutes from our house that also hosts a large pumpkin patch and the best donuts ever.  like seriously, ever.  i'm known to eat 2 or 3 before we even get them home.

today was chilly and overcast, but still so fun.  searching out the perfect apples to fill our bag.  climbing trees to get the better ones.  tasting each variety.  running through the trees and the pumpkins.  laughing and being together.  filling our heads and hearts with happy memories.

 photo ohmy2_zpsd574a7d3.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-5_zpsaf22c235.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-6_zps5b049514.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-7_zpsb28f4759.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-8_zps4b4c8fe7.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-9_zps9084b4bf.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-11_zpsb36cb91c.jpg  photo ohmy1_zps2cf8722a.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-13_zps0dd5c62c.jpg  photo ohmy3_zps8e2053eb.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-19_zpsbf49d9d8.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-20_zps0def7866.jpg  photo ohmy4_zps2a2d9d91.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-24_zps40500038.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-26_zpsf1fcde3c.jpg  photo ohmy5_zpsa71ec978.jpg  photo applespumpkinsdonutsohmy-29_zps0b984cd0.jpg

it's only the beginning of my favorite season.  i can't wait for all there is to come.

 photo ohmy6_zpsfbf9e56c.jpg

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