Wednesday, October 8, 2014

my little artist

back in the spring, a congratulatory letter was sent home in harper's backpack stating that she was a winner in an art contest for our local town.  we were surprised by this, because we didn't even know she was entered!  apparently, her art teacher entered pieces on behalf of her students and harper's was one of 75 chosen in all of the district!  this meant that her art piece would be transferred to a banner and hung up in our local downtown for all to see.  we found it in the spring, but i kept putting off getting out of the car to catch a photo.  when i finally did remember to do this, the banners were taken down.  i was so upset at myself!  i e-mailed the town hall and they assured me that the banners would be put back up at the start of the school year.  so, once i saw them up again, i immediately made a time to grab my camera, park my car and snap my girl with her artwork.  she's our local celebrity and she's so proud.  and we are so proud of her.  we love to see her creativity blossom.

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