Saturday, October 25, 2014


i have been into photography since 2009.  michael bought me a new "fancy" camera for my birthday and i immediately thought i was a photographer, although i had it set on auto, which i later learned was basically having a really pricey disposable.  i took a basic photography class at a local community college to get started and learned a ton.  i then joined a mom's photography site, clickin' moms, in early 2010, but at that point i didn't have the time i wanted to dedicate to reading through everything on that site.  it was amazing having all those resources, but it also overwhelmed me.  i knew i didn't want a photography business, so it was too much.  i let my membership lapse, until this year, when i told michael all i wanted for my birthday was to take an online class through clickin' moms, in order to master my knowledge of using my camera in manual mode.

week 1 started monday, and i'm loving it!  i wish i would have done this sooner.  there are more classes on my wish list.

here are my 2 favorites from this week, so far, without editing.  the best thing about this class is we are learning to get the best shot sooc (straight out of camera).  more photos to come, i am certain.

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Kellie said...

Sounds fun! Can't wait to see more. I WILL get out my "big girl camera" again soon:)