Thursday, April 8, 2010

where life occurs

my favorite blog to frequent the past few months, the blog that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy after reading the most recent post and inspires my photography, is having a contest. to win a beautiful necklace, readers are asked to submit a photo and story describing where does life occur in your home. below is what i submitted- the story and the photo below it.

it took me a while to think about this. life occurs everywhere in our cozy, tiny home. toys are strewn in every room, books are all over the place, playtime happens anywhere we happen to be, whether it's the kitchen floor while dinner is cooking or our bed while laundry gets folded. but when i think back to the day we brought our daughter, harper, home close to 2 years ago, her rocking chair is where we have truly lived the most. it was ordered weeks before she arrived, and they didn't expect it until weeks after, but magically, the delivery truck pulled up a mere 15 minutes after we walked in from the hospital ride home. it sits in the corner of harper's room, a perfect view to the front door, where daddy walks in after work and visitors come to play. it's where i nursed her for 15 months. it's where we rock and snuggle her up when she's sick or wakes up scared in the night. it's where we take a break when we're having a cranky moment and need a refresher. it's where we sing our nightly songs and read our favorite stories as we wind down before bed. it's where we talk about the moments from the day in those precious minutes before eyes are closed. in our home, it's where our life occurs.

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