Wednesday, April 7, 2010

happy easter, part 2

i saw my true first sign of spring last night. my own personal indication that winter is behind us. as i pulled into the driveway from my last photography class, i spied a white, fluffy bunny tail hopping through the green grasses away from my headlights. yes, the weather has been warmer. yes, we're on school spring break right now. yes, the calendar told me that the first day of spring has come and gone. but every year around this time, i wait for that little hopping bunny and my mind immediately jumps for joy along with him. it's as if he's a sign from mother nature, sent to let me know, "yup, i'm here and i'm bringing rain and warmth and sunny days with me."

so, with that, i'm finishing our easter weekend post and photos. time to hop out of easter and focus on summer holidays to come. memorial day. fourth of july. harper's birthday. i love summer, and will so even more now that i'll be off work for 2-and-a-half months. but, that's still a bit too early. let's stay in spring mode. happy spring to all the bunnies out there.

we celebrated our easter at home on saturday, since we'd be away from our house on easter. we told harper the easter bunny came early. i think she loved her new socks and leg warmers from babylegs most (this is a girl who loves her accessories), but a close second was the easter bunny mr. potato head.

we finished off with a breakfast of pancakes and syrup, using the new pancake molds that nana gifted to harper in her easter basket last weekend. pig, cow, sheep-harper wanted bites from all of the animals and made the sounds each time she saw them.

after a long nap, we headed out to grandma & grandpa's house. harper got to open a few easter presents, and loved the cuddle and play time with auntie kelly (kiki), auntie jen (juju), pat, kyle, mallori, uncle jeff (deff), grandma & grandpa. she didn't get to stay up to watch the spartans lose though (boo).

easter morning, harper awoke to find the easter bunny had hidden eggs filled with treats and her easter basket around the house! it took a LOT of coaxing to get her to find a mere 2 eggs. she was more interested in the toys at grandma's that she doesn't have at home. off to church, great nana's for traditional polish meal and then back to g&g's for family dinner. and lots of play time with kyle and mallori-coloring, helping them find (and open) their easter eggs, and drawing on the driveway with chalk.

these mini m&m's were hiding inside her easter eggs.

she sported a pouty lip when mommy informed her the m&m's were all done. mean mommy.

a boys game of horse, and harper wanted to help.

we had a wonderful easter, and feel very blessed to be where we are.


Kellie said...

I LOVE these pictures of Harper in that cute little dress! Great work:)

christina said...

in love with the shot of harper w/ her feet in the air coloring :) those SHOES! do they make them in our size? :0