Thursday, April 29, 2010

take me out to the ballgame

i'm usually a stickler for schedules. usually. i really try my best to keep with harper's nap schedule and bedtime as much as humanly possible. this is mostly due to my own selfishness, as i am typically the one she calls out for in the middle of the night when she's had a restless sleep. i like my sleep, what can i say. and harper does, too. come nap time or bedtime, we don't really have to fight to get her to drift off to dreamland. so when an opportunity comes up or an invitation is offered, and it interferes with her schedule, i have to once again ding the bell to start the round of the battle within myself. part of me says it's a fun/good/great/exciting opportunity. screw schedules. let's go! while the other half of me says that's not something we should do because harper's schedule will be off and she'll be a bear the next day. enter tickets to the detroit tiger's game...on tuesday at 7 pm (her bedtime) a suite.

i grappled with this decision. michael was all for it. his mom got the suite tickets from work, so harper would be able to stretch her legs around a large space and stay warm, but also experience her first tigers baseball game. being a libra, i'm always trying to find balance. going back and forth on the pendulum weighing my decision, and sometimes just never ever coming to a conclusion (because i'm so indecisive). i at first told him no, it wasn't a good idea, especially on a tuesday when we had work and school the next day. and then, i called him back and said what the heck. it'll be fun and we'll only stay for a little bit.

needless to say, i'm glad we went. we got to see grandma & grandpa (harper is always asking where grandpa is), auntie kelly, auntie jen & pat. even though it was a bit chilly, we got to see a little bit of the game. harper sidled up on grandpa's lap and cuddled in close while she listened to him call out the hits and strikes, the fly balls and home runs. we got to ride the merry-go-round a couple times (harper didn't want to get off). we snacked on traditional baseball game food- hot dogs, soft pretzels and beer. and we received an official first tigers game certificate along with a poster of miguel cabrera, which will totally match the decor of her pink, brown and green polka-dot and striped bedroom. totally.

sorry for the turn of the camera in this video clip which makes you have to subsequently turn your head to the left in order to see the rest of it. michael was practicing using his new iphone (happy early father's day!)

we left around 9, and i think i crashed in the car well before harper did. i could hear her in my subconscious singing herself to sleep as she does every night in her crib. i think i was trying to catch a few extra zzz's in the event that she did wake up that night. but she didn't. i was able to carry her from the car to her bed without her waking up (we were well prepared and changed her into her pjs at the game-another advantage to having the space in the suite!). wednesday proved to be a little sleepy, but we just did bedtime a few minutes early and all is well. well, that is, until she stayed home sick today with croup, but i don't think it's related...or is it. oh no, here we go again. ding. ding.


Kellie said...

Um, no wonder we identify with each other - I'm a Libra too...that constant attempt at balancing, the indecision. Oh how I feel what you're saying! When is your birthday? Mine is Sept 26th.

Sorry to hear Harper is sick. Hope she gets well soon.


christina said...

well thank you for helping sway my decision to bring the SLR when we go in a couple weeks - I told Andy I'd rather not worry about it but it's going to be kids day so Charlotte can walk/run the bases and I may regret not having it :)

Love the pics --first one is my fave! And not sure if the beer bottle placement was intentional or not, but it made me smile --she definitely looks like she enjoyed herself!