Monday, April 5, 2010

beautiful littles

there is so much inspiration out there. it’s difficult not to browse the web and come across some amazingly inspirational women (and men) out there in digital land. one in particular is a blog i’ve been following since january. she and her blog are beautiful examples of how to enjoy the moments, soak up life all around and how to capture it all on film. each month, she writes a post about enjoying the small things, and sums up a few items she’s loving at that moment. so, i’m starting a new type of post myself. i’m composing a list of beautiful little events, happenings, objects, ingredients, products that i am delighting in, and including photos when i can that have captured my attentions at the moment. i’m learning to reign in what i can manage. i still find that i want to do everything. want to be better in every aspect of my life. but i’m slowly realizing that less is more and what truly counts are the millions of little moments that you can relish in every day.

babylegs and mismatched socks babylegs are just the sweetest things to behold. put them on your littles, and they become much more enchanting. no way would i wear leg warmers anymore. i will not relive the 80s, but my daughter can. and i'm beginning to see how fun it can be to let toddler's pick out their clothes. outfits are so much more interesting when you have to look at how it all goes together. doesn't it make you chuckle when you see a toddler prancing behind her mom in a snow white or cinderella costume? (i have to admit, though, this outfit was a mommy pick.) as for mismatched socks, now there's no need to get frustrated when your little wants to harper do it and pick out her own tootsie warmers. if they don't match, it's ok. they're not supposed to!

easter baskets and all the little goodies that fill them. from new books and patterned socks to lotions and jelly beans and chocolate eggs. easter baskets are yummy all around.

family runs now that the weather is getting warmer, our motivation to train for our 5k race in may has returned. we love running outside much more than on a treadmill. we packed up our jogger on good friday and headed to a metro park that has a 3 mile paved loop and curves through forests of trees and past rivers. we wore out maximus and kept harper entertained. at the end she wanted nothing more than to get out and walk, and she trekked for probably close to 1/2 mile. she alternated between walking and running and stumbling a few times. she stopped along the way to dance and play sticks with her shadow, and bid a good morning to fellow passerbys. she ended up with a skinned knee, but it didn't seem to alter her motivation to continue her path. she was inspiring to watch. she’s the reason i run. to provide her with a model that you’re never too old to start something new, to set and accomplish a goal and how
important it is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

spring weather and new blooms spring is a time of new. the earth is washed clean and able to start again. the weather starts to turn warmer, the days start to get longer, and moods brighten. spring makes my heart happy.

coffee and the rare moments that michael and i can enjoy a weekend morning cup on the couch while harper slumbers away. these seem the be the times we can best have a conversation about our plans and dreams. what we’d like to do with the house, where we’d like to vacation, what we foresee in both our near and distant future.

good friends new and old. ones you can share passions with and bounce ideas off of and commiserate with. those that have been there through thick and thin and those that are just learning your story. those that have been through the storm you're currently weathering, and those that are just there to listen to your weather report. people come into your life for a reason. and i'm so thankful for all the ones who have come into mine.

impromptu park dates luckily we live within walking and biking distance to a large, toddler friendly play space. the park is so much more fun this year, now that harper can experience it all on her own (and she lets me know that she wants to do it on her own, that's for certain.) it's twice the fun when we can share our new adventures with family & friends.

family i just don't know what we'd do without 'em. and that's all i need to say.

photography i’ve been taking a photography class the last 8 weeks, and our last class is tuesday. i’m sad that it’s coming to an end. but what i feel most proud of learning, more than apertures and shutter speeds, depth of field and iso, is how to look for the different point of view. how to find the little things in something big. how to capture moments that no one else can see. how to see the trees through the forest. how to see through the lens what you've been missing outside of it, and then to freeze it and be able to stare in awe at it for a lifetime. isn't that what life is all about? finding those beautiful little moments and holding onto them.



christina said...

love what you're doing with the little moments list...and must be feeling especially weepy tonight because the photography part made me tear up :) I so wish we could find another good class to take!

Kellie said...

Great post, Emily! I'm so thankful for new friends, too. Are we still new friends now that we've now known each other for over a year and half?! That first yoga class was a while ago now! I'm so glad your to read your thoughts and see your pics. Love, Kell