Saturday, April 10, 2010

there's something about mary

i feel so proud.

my mom was honored today at her alumna's (graduating) senior luncheon. she was recognized as the dental hygiene alumnae association's outstanding alumni of the year for her dedication and service to her profession the past 44 years. i couldn't be happier for her. and though i may be biased, i feel she was the most deserving of this honor and award. (and, her mother received the same award back in 1983. we've got some good genes!)

the woman who presented my mom with the award began her speech by asking if we had seen the movie there's something about mary. if we haven't, she continued to explain that the main character, mary, is loved by everyone. there's something about her that everyone adores and everyone wants to be around. coincidentally, my mother, mary, is that character. her patients adore her. despite the pain she puts them through for 30 minutes twice a year, they keep coming back, asking to see mary. my mom is magnetic, and radiant, and humble. i don't think she has an enemy out there. she is willing to do anything for anyone, and doesn't ask for anything in return.

as i sit and write this, i'm finding it difficult to put an explanation of my mom into words. she just is. she's giving and genuine and thoughtful and charismatic and nurturing and all-knowing and healthy and beautiful. she's been a wife for 43 years. she's been a mother for 42. she's been a nana for 10. she is love. and she's everything that we can only hope to become.

i can't begin to describe how proud i am of my mom. i could only hope to someday receive such an honoring award. i'm so thankful that others recognize the amazing person that she is. and we are so lucky to have her.

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christina said...

aww, congrats Emily's Mom!

What a BEAUTIFUL family photo too! Some good genes indeed :)