Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i knew it would happen soon enough, but i didn't think it would be this soon.

my little peanut has slowly emerged as an independent spirit. a free will, do-it-myself kind of girl.

i shouldn't be surprised. i have always been told by my mom that i am independent, almost too independent. i like to do things on my own. and apparently, so does my offspring.

since harper started in daycare in september, she has learned more than i would have expected, one of them being patience (although this isn't always practiced in the comforts of home) as she waits her turn to be dressed in snowpants and coat to play outside. school has also fostered her independence, and encouraged her to try things out for herself while she's waiting. this, of course, rears its ugly head at 7:40 in the morning as we're getting ready to walk out the door.

this morning, i pulled her coat, hat and boots out of the closet and laid them on the floor as i always do. i do my best to offer choices, such as would you like your boots or hat on first? to allow her the ownership and avoid resistance. today, without even being asked, she ran over to her winter gear and proceeded to attempt to put on her coat. 1 minute. 2 minutes. she kept trying and trying, and when i asked if i could help, she quickly responded no. i stepped back and kept watching, amazed that she wasn't showing any frustration. she would pull the coat over her head, and then watch it fall to the floor. then she noticed her boots, and decided she'd try that instead. 1 minute. 2 minutes. 3 minutes. no luck, but not for lack of trying. the hat she can easily put on, and she did that repeatedly in between coat and boot attempts.

i asked her again if i could help, explaining that we needed to go to school (trying to rationally explain as best as a 19-month-old can comprehend). i knelt down on the floor and picked up her coat, and she ran away from me with a big smile on her face. game on, mommy.

it was all i could do not to curl in a ball on the floor crying. knowing i was in an endless battle. knowing i was going to be oh so very late to work. knowing i couldn't dare be angry at a girl who likes to do things for herself. this is what i had hoped for her, isn't it?

so instead, i bent over onto her coat, head on the floor, and began laughing uncontrollably. and harper came running over, curiously laughing at her crazy mommy lying on the floor. i picked my head up and saw the biggest smile on the face of my little sunshine. i hugged her tightly and kissed her plenty...and quickly eased on her coat, hat and boots.

the i's have been overwhelming lately, and i realize this is only the beginning.

i do it! i read it! i get it! i treat!

harper, I love you, and all of your glorious independence.

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