Friday, February 26, 2010

beautiful little roses

i am breathing a huge sigh of relief, but also releasing a lot of pent up emotions and tears today.

first off, i love my pediatrician's office even more after today. a big thanks to them for not making us wait through the weekend plus 3-4 additional business days to hear whatever news was going to be dealt. my phone rang at 8:30 this morning. it was the nurse, calling with the results, a mere 16 hours after harper's last blood test. needless to say, i was impressed. the lead levels came back normal. the words so there is no concern about lead poisoning were heard, and my mind was instantly put at ease. i started to dial michael, and the tears started. happy tears. emotional tears. yesterday, i had begun to put my battle armor on, and i can't tell you how elated i was that i could start taking it off today. i'll put it away until another time.

we found the roses, but we also snagged some additional thorns.

we learned from my michael's mom last night that jen and kelly's dog, bailey, passed away yesterday. bailey lived a long and happy 12 years. she was loved by so many people, and she loved everyone in return. bobos, as she was nicknamed, had such a genuine and sweet spirit. she had gone through a few home changes before jen adopted her at 9 months old, but she was loyal to the core. she will truly be missed.

i'm looking forward to spring, and the return of some beautiful flowers.

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