Monday, February 15, 2010

i heart valentine's

i love valentine's day. yes, i am a sap for it. my favorite color is pink, so that's part of it. it's also because michael and i were engaged on valentine's day 7 years ago. i like it because it shines a bit of light on the bleakness of winter. it provides some warmth in this cold, dreary weather.

michael and i have taken turns cooking for each other for the last 8 years or so. we've discovered that we just hate going out for valentine's day. the prices inflate for just that evening, and it's so crowded everywhere you go, it's just not fun. we have been having date nights (not all) in our own home. harper goes to bed early anyways, so it's like we're out on our own, but we can kick back in comfy clothes and watch movies on the couch. this year was his turn to whip something up in the kitchen. we decided to celebrate on saturday, the 13th. harper and i were gone all day at my cousin, katie's, baby shower, so michael was able to hunt for recipes, leisurely grocery shop and start dinner with only maximus hanging around his ankles. he went a different route this time, usually it's steak, potatoes and vegetables, in a different form every time. but this time, he chose sushi (pre-made from whole foods) and made his own thai chicken soup. the dessert he chose was apple crisps. harper stayed up long enough to enjoy dinner with us, and surprise surprise, she sat on daddy's lap and slurped up the rest of his soup! we were happy that she was so willing to try it, and she loved being a big girl with daddy's large soup spoon eating from a grown-up bowl. then, she got dessert. she was more interested in the ice cream that went with it than the apple crisp itself. after her bedtime, we purchased "couples retreat" on demand. hilarious.

i'm including some photos from the shower. we had a wonderful time, and katie looks fantastic. hard to believe that in a few short months, she will have a beautiful little. i chose to allow harper to have some mini m&m's that graced the table. i have never given her chocolate before, and wasn't sure how she'd react. (who am i kidding?? i have the biggest sweet tooth anyone has ever known.) she delicately ate the first piece, then gobbled up the remaining ones in my hand, and promptly requested "more chocolate." i created a sweet monster... i guess i shouldn't be surprised, since michael was converted and has developed a small-sized sweet tooth since meeting me. i think it was about the only thing harper ate during the shower, besides a bite of grilled cheese and a walnut or 2. she'd ask anyone who would listen and oblige- "more chocolate?" i eventually requested that she eat one at a time, and she'd hold up her one finger, and then eat 2-3 at a time. oh well, a little sugar just makes her sweeter.

some things i love this valentine's day weekend...

i heart dinner at home.

i heart movies, especially in the comforts of home.

i heart pregnant bellies and showering moms-to-be.

i heart chocolate, and any sweet for that matter.

i heart my beautiful little family.

i heart love.


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