Monday, February 15, 2010


my latest addiction has been cookies. any kind. homemade or girl scout. chocolate or oatmeal raisin. doesn't matter. i was surrounded by them last friday, in preparation for my cousin, katie's, baby shower. as co-host of the shower, i volunteered to make the favors- homemade sugar cookies with royal icing. my sister-in-law started this trend back when michael and i had our bridal shower in 2004, and they've been asked to work their magic for several other family events. i made the cookies for katie's bridal shower 2 years ago, but they did not turn out as well and i had some help from my mom. last july, when harper turned 1, i asked my sisters-in-law to help me bake and decorate candy-shaped cookies for her birthday party, so i got a first-hand tutorial on the tips and techniques to the cookies. this time, i made them on my own (with the assistance of my pastry chef, michael, who rolled the dough and cut out the shapes- he'd want me to make sure i gave him some credit). mixing the ingredients, baking them to the exact doneness, cooling them on baking racks, whipping up the icing and piping the design was relaxing. i found it thoroughly enjoyable. i did indulge in a few nibbles here and there, just to make sure my creation was edible for the 30 shower guests. i wouldn't want anyone to get sick, of course.

i was told that a side business is in my future. i've been telling my sisters-in-law this for years. they started this all, and i can't thank them enough for their help- the coveted recipe, borrowed materials, texts, tips. thank you jen and kelly!

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