Friday, February 19, 2010

snuggle bug

once harper began to move, she quickly became independent, and resisted any snuggling. how could she spend a precious minute cuddling up to mom and dad when there was so much to do! toys to play with, books to read, corners of the house to explore. but lately, that's changed. i found her one day with her taggie, her blanket and her pillow, both pulled out through the bars of her crib, lying on the dining room floor underneath her highchair, with her thumb in her mouth. she never became addicted to pacifiers, thankfully. she has her thumb, and that travels with her everywhere she goes. more recently, this seems to be occurring more often. she'll grab her crib friends and find a snuggle spot anywhere in the house, and a few minutes later, she gets up and puts them back to bed until the mood strikes her again. and more often now she'll ask to be picked up for hugs, and will stretch her arms down underneath her belly as a way to get in closer. we've always rocked her for a few books and songs before bed, and i've learned to treasure these precious moments as we have them because i know they are fleeting and soon enough she'll be off and running again, leaving her blanket, taggie and mommy's arms behind, but always ready and waiting.


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angela said...

She is so precious! I love the snuggles.