Wednesday, November 12, 2014

just an ordinary afternoon

after school at our house can vary.  monday is crosby's dance class so it's rush to eat dinner, finish homework and get ready for bed by the time we get home.  tuesday is harper's religious education class, so everything needs to be finished for her before she leaves at 6:00 because she doesn't get home until 7:45 and by then it's bedtime.  on thursdays, both girls have swim class in the evening, so again, everything needs to get done before we leave the house, as we don't get home til late.  but wednesdays are different.  there is no evening schedule on wednesdays.  crosby and i leave school and head immediately to the bus stop to get harper at 4:30.  and once we walk in the door, we can breathe a bit, knowing there isn't anywhere we have to be.  days like this are sacred, and reserved for play, tv watching, prepping dinner, casually making lunches for the next day instead of rushing them, extra reading, and longer baths occasionally.

this particular november day, it was raining, but not too chilled.  and i needed to practice some photography.  we played outside for a bit.  crosby learned to spell her name and played dress up in my heels.  harper used some energy singing and performing the do-re-mi song she learned in music class.  crosby snuggled up with poppy on the couch for a show, likely paw patrol.

i enjoy capturing the memorable days and moments, but there's also something about the ordinary everyday that needs and deserves it's own post.

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