Thursday, November 6, 2014

jump and roll

still clickin' along in my photography class, and this week we're focusing on shutter speed.  slowing it to create purposeful movement in the frame, or speeding it up to freeze motion.  i asked the girls to help me out.  they delivered.  they're so good to their mama.

 photo jumpandroll-7_zps8a3ef87a.jpg

 photo jumpandroll2_zpsd259d754.jpg

 photo jumpandroll-6_zpscdcea34a.jpg

 photo jumpandroll1_zps2e532247.jpg

 photo jumpandroll-13_zps06112870.jpg

 photo jumpandroll-9_zps47811f18.jpg

and my absolute favorites

 photo jumpandroll-11_zpsc21e46f5.jpg

 photo jumpandroll-8_zpsff56de40.jpg

 photo jumpandroll-3_zpsc0277f3d.jpg

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