Saturday, November 15, 2014

happy 10 maximus!

hello there buddy.  i can't even believe you are 10 years old.

 you are one heck of a good dog.  we chose you because when we went to look at your litter, you came over to us and started chewing on my shoelaces.  i felt like you chose us, so we had to choose you back.  that should have clued me in to all the chewing you would do in these last 10 years- baseboard molding, wooden doors, socks, wrapping paper, paper towel cardboard rolls.  but we forgive you.  you have allowed the girls to climb all over you since day 1.  you are calm and easygoing.  you are so warm and comforting.

we celebrated your day with vanilla ice cream, candles and an ice cream cookie dog treat.  sprinkles and all.  of course, we sang happy birthday and the girls blew out your candles.  we gave you some presents- a new bone and some stuffed animals with squeakers, because those are your favorite.  

happy 10th birthday, maximus.  we hope you know just how much we love and adore you.  here's to many more candles in your ice cream. ♥  

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