Friday, November 21, 2014

curly q

crosby has these amazing curls.  she has fair blonde hair and wide spiral curls, which are from her dad, and a layer of straight hair on top, passed down from her mama's poker straight locks.  looking at photos when michael was a young lad, he had the same bottom curls when his hair was a bit longer.  and i had the toe-headed blondness.

she is also very particular about her hair.  you have to be super careful when you brush it, because her scalp is sensitive.  she hates to have it washed.  she has to wear it down every single day.  she refuses a ponytail, pigtails, braids, half-up.  and anytime you tuck it behind her ears, she pulls it back out.

 i've been wanting to catch her curls on film, and i finally did.

my crosby catherine, curly q.

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