Thursday, October 31, 2013


my mind is so scattered.  i have yet to post our apple picking pictures, and i have 4 photo sessions to edit, but today is halloween and i am getting these done.  we've had so much fun celebrating this holiday this year!  we hosted our first adults only halloween party last week, a party i've been wanting to host forever but we never had the space.  we've had classroom parties, decorating, many visits to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, and on and on and on.  it's been exhausting and fun and time to rest the spooky til next october.  happy halloween everyone!

 photo halloweening2_zps7b7ebf23.jpg  photo halloween-1_zps75b8e43a.jpg  photo halloween-5_zps59116b0d.jpg  photo halloween-4_zps91f01aee.jpg  photo halloweening3_zpsca37fc50.jpg  photo halloween-7_zps05425d3b.jpg  photo halloween-11_zps8d08daf3.jpg  photo halloweening1_zps42263a3e.jpg  photo halloween-10_zps29a1bb0f.jpg

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